3R QUEST's vision is to be an effective, efficient and environmentally responsible waste management organization.

3R Quest's mission is to provide and maintain a clean environment for sustainable development for current and future generations.

3R Quest strives to fulfil the social, environmental and ethical obligation that is paramount in global environmental sustainability.

Mission statement
3R Quest has an ardent belief in the 3Rs, hence the incorporation of 3R in the company's name and logo.

The phrase, REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE is pivotal to the work culture and ideals at 3R Quest and we fully subscribe to, encourage and promote the 3Rs.
REDUCE - Reduction in waste through prevention is ideal as it equates to less disposal; less landfill; less to incinerate. This can be achieved through back to basics segregation of waste and increased awareness in green and environmentally friendly projects. A reduction in waste at source means less reliance on new raw materials, i.e. conservation of resources.

REUSE- Translates to the recovering of as much useful materials as possible for reuse. The use of used material leads similarly to a reduction in the need for new material. Because Reduce and Reuse does not involve the need for new raw materials and natural resources, Reduce and Reuse should be the first step in environmental sustainability as Recycle and recycling requires some new raw materials and energy during remanufacturing.

RECYCLE - To use and remanufacture products using recovered and recycled materials. This ultimately contributes to less reliance on the use of new raw materialsfor production and therefore conserves our natural resources.

The 3Rs are inter-related and ultimately translates to less dependence and need for new raw materials.

As a last resort, waste that cannot be treated or recovered by the above means is disposed of responsibly to ensure continued environmental sustainability.