CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Awareness and Green Initiatives
CSR is of utmost importance to 3R Quest. CSR should not be measured purely in monetary terms but more importantly, 3R Quest believes and practises CSR as an educational awareness tool forschool children; the future leaders of Malaysia. 3R Quest's CSR programme for youngsters include introducing and creating awareness of the 3Rs and environmental sustainability.

3R Quest participates actively in annual industrial training programmes with universities and colleges by offering internships from related disciplines (environmental management, environmental engineering technology and other science and technology based courses). Some of the universities that have participated in industrial training at 3R Quest are UiTM, UPM and UM Sabah. An example of the interns' projects include organising educational visits to schools to teach students how to care for the environment and also to introduce the 3Rs. 3R Quest also offers opportunities for post graduate students to conduct research projects at their facility.

It is believed that these students act as a catalyst to take positive messages about saving the environment to their homes and share what they have learnt with siblings, parents, friends and family.

In addition to this, 3R Quest's management reinforces and encourages positive environmental values to staff with 3R Quest's green initiatives which include a no-polystyrene policy, promoting the 3Rs, and an in-house rainwater harvesting system among many others. 3R Quest has on-going programmes to implement additional green initiatives and improve current ones. Staff members regularly contribute green suggestions.